Torres del Paine: A dreamlike autumn destination

  • Reserva Cerro Paine provides a new experience for visitors in Autumn, when its landscape transforms into a veil of orange tones. During March and April, enjoy the magic of Torres del Paine National Park’s trails and viewpoints, horseback ride, trek, and meet Patagonian baqueanos.

With these marvelous Autumn changes, visitors can enjoy different experiences and activities that are more suited to colder temperatures.

Steve Johnson’s, Lead Outdoor Guide of Hotel Las Torres, favorite season in Reserva Cerro Paine is Autumn, because it is when the splendor of nature, complimented by the cold and the rain, intensifies, as well as increases the likelihood of observing Pumas, leaving visitors with magical feelings for which Patagonia is famous.

During these months, the wind is more moderate, and the W Trek is open until the end of April to make up for the closure of the O Circuit. Some birds migrate with the change of season, and the vegetation changes its appearance to hues of orange for visitors to admire. The beauty of the landscape creates a perfect panorama for hikers and photographers. Activities, such as mountain biking, horseback riding, and trekking, are part of the experience, as well as other attractions, such as tasting a traditional Magellanic lamb roast, meeting a community of Patagonian baqueanos, and visiting a pesebrera (barn).

Johnson recommends trip planning and exploring options for accommodation e.g. a refuge, a hotel, or a campsite ahead of time. This includes knowing trails’ opening and closing times, evaluating their levels of difficulty, and preparing food that can be consumed without a fire or a stove. “Although park rangers monitor activity in the park, accidents can always happen, so it is important for visitors to arrive well prepared with extra food, specific entry and exit dates, and appropriate equipment for cold, rain, and wind, including at least one extra coat per person, hiking poles, and shoes that are worn-in.”

Alejandra Covacevich, Reserva Cerro Paine’s Product and Experience Manager, recommends observing at least one sunrise in Torres del Paine as part of a firsthand experience of the natural wonders that this corner of the world has to offer. Make sure to follow the park rangers’ instructions, stay on the trails, respect the flora and fauna, and adhere to trail schedules. “Visitors are invited to discover Patagonia’s nature and culture and should understand that Torres del Paine has more to offer than just trekking. It is also a destination for mountain biking, horseback riding, walking on glacier ice, rock climbing, and kayaking. With the help of guides, it is possible to do many of these activities within the reserve, which could even include completing the 5-day W Trek or the 8-day O Circuit.”

Low temperatures and rain are an obstacle for activities such as rock climbing; however, there is a variety of other traditional Magellanic activities available. It is advisable for visitors to depart Puerto Natales by bus at 7:00 am or noon to have enough time to enjoy guided afternoon excursions. The reserve opens from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and is accessible via car, truck, and bike.

This amazing season opens the door to Winter Season, which starts on May and is only available for W Programs with the company of a guide. In this ocation Torres del Paine dressed their authentic mountains with pure white gowns, bright ice and a multicolor sky that leaves every visitor speechless.