Cultural Revival

The family history, the baqueanos (Patagonian horsemen), the stories about our ranch that we don’t want to be forgotten…

The Kusanovic Family

Tied to livestock in the Magallanes Region for over 100 years and four generations. Following his parents’ example, Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, a Croatian descendant born in Punta Arenas in 1926, decided to dedicate his life to livestock. In 1979, he made the decision to buy hectares between the Andes Mountain Range and the Patagonian steppe. His main goal was to develop cattle ranching at Estancia Cerro Paine.

Drawn by Patagonia’s beauty, and in particular by Torres del Paine National Park, some bold tourists used to appear from time to time seeking to explore these lands. Don Antonio and his wife, Amor Eliana Marusic, would welcome them in their home, offering lodging and food.

During the 80s and 90s, the region experienced a tourist boom and an increase in the flow of visitors. This led to the expansion of the family business and the construction of Las Torres Inn in 1992, which consisted of nine rooms and a restaurant.

In 1996, Fantástico Sur was created to serve a larger number of travelers and to accommodate the needs of tourists who wanted to enjoy the scenery and attractions of both the estancia and the national park in a more natural manner.

An important decision

Although the Kusanovic family was still using Cerro Paine for livestock back then, in 2012 they decided to remove the cattle and preserve the territory as a place for sustainability, care and protection of its natural beauty.

Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic’s legacy lives on through his children Liliana, José Antonio, Mauricio, and Vesna, as well as his grandchildren. But now they are entirely focused on sustainable tourism and the conservation and protection of the natural resources of both Torres del Paine National Park and Estancia Cerro Paine.

Our past as a ranch

Small details in the hotel, “La Pesebrera” (horse stable), the baqueanos (Patagonian horsemen) drinking mate, the horses running free in our fields… Wherever you look, you will find a piece of our past, of our history.


They are the heart of our reserve. You will see them crossing the road with pilcheros (pack horses), they will go horseback riding with you, and even offer to share their mate. You will always see them with a smile on their faces, proud of their land, of what they do, and of being able to share their traditions and the secrets of the southernmost tip of the world.

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