Organic Orchard: We Now Use Compostable Bags

Since last year, the team at the Reserva Cerro Paine’s organic garden has stopped using plastic to wrap vegetables and have implemented a sustainable organic waste management system.

The initiative emerged as a way to maintain the quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables with no need to wrap them in plastic. It is led by the manager of the organic garden, Carolina Escobar and her team, Paloma Cavieres, Daniel Herbison and Susan Mckenzie, as well as volunteers.

We are a garden that produces organically and one of our tasks is making our own compostable fertilizer to recycle organic waste produced in the orchard and the reserve.

Recently, we found an alternative to carry the fruits and vegetables in plastic bags: bags that are made out of corn. The production process ends up being circular, since the bags can be composted along with the organic waste when they are returned to the garden.” 

Carolina Escobar explained.

According to Augusto Cubillos, in representation of the company Organic Waste Management, Reserva Cerro Paine’s orchard is the first in the country to pack vegetables and fruits in compostable bags. The bags are delivered to Hotel Las Torres with fruits and vegetables and returned full of organic waste to be composted.

Reserva Cerro Paine works to develop sustainable activities and is driven by a respect for nature and people and a desire to live in harmony with the environment.

Our organic kitchen garden:

Come and visit Cerro Paine Reserve’s organic kitchen garden, the most southern in the world and one of the oldest gardens in the region!
Within the confines of a little less than half a hectare, we produce seasonal fruits and vegetables, using biointensive methods that respect sustainability at the same time as improving production quantities.
Our garden is in the footprint from the early 1950’s. We aim for harmony between conservation of old fashioned or heirloom varieties and production goals to meet today’s needs.
We have 9 different types of fruit and more than 25 different vegetables along with an ever growing group of culinary and medicinal herbs.