Fundación Ayuwn (NGO) conquers the O circuit

With great success concludes a journey through the “O” circuit of Torres del Paine, which was made by members of the Ayüwn Foundation.

Can you imagine hiking the “O” circuit of Torres del Paine without being able to see or hear what’s going on around you, or simply with one of your senses diminished? Undoubtedly, it is a very different experience than the majority of the population is used to. A unique challenge that could be achieved by an enthusiastic group of six people with disabilities (visual, auditory and cognitive) with support and in the company of their volunteers.
This weekend, Ayüwn Foundation, a social organization that seeks to promote inclusive sports spaces and contribute to the process of psychological and emotional rehabilitation, managed to fulfill their great dream of becoming the first group of this type to complete an arduous trek in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Without a doubt, the most poignant aspects of this trip were the satisfied faces, pride, and happiness of meeting a goal. Later, in the return to Torres Base, in Cerro Paine Reserve, personnel waited for the group with a barbecue. Experiences about the trip were shared with the television program Chile Ancho and the team of the environmental campaign Tu Mejor Huella para el Paine (Your Best Footprint for Paine). It was a moment of camaraderie and enjoyment, but above all, it was a moment of reflection, centering on the inclusion and spirit of the brave mountaineers.

Within this context, the director of the foundation for the visually impaired, Daniela Carrasco, had inspiring words for the members of her team: “For me, this was the best. We leave very happy, full of adventures and teachings. I think that for each one of them, this is a granite in their life, well not just a granite, but a mountain”.

Mauricio Kusanovic (member of the executive board of the Cerro Paine Reserve), representing the company, congratulated the foundation’s members for reaching their goal and thanked them for being part of this beautiful activity that emphasizes the value of inclusion: “As Cerro Paine Reserve, through Fantástico Sur, Hotel Las Torres, and AMA Torres del Paine NGO, we are very proud to have been part of this wonderful milestone, putting on the table a topic as important as inclusion, which fits with our values. We hope we can continue to transmit this message in the future. ”
(photo: Lenart Gonzalez)