Horseback Riding

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This famous lake situated at the base of the Paine Massif is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who dedicated himself to the study of Antartica, Greenland, Chile, and Peru. Leaving from Pesebrera, our excursion follows the famous W Trail, passing the northern shores of the lake and Mont.
Almirante Nieto. We will cross various rivers and forests, having the opportunity to appreciate various viewpoints and Patagonian flora. In addition, we will meet our baqueanos and live a unique and authentic experience in Patagonia.

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Through this excursion, we will have the chance to explore some lesser known places in the Cerro Paine Reserve. We will begin on horseback, heading toward Sector Serón, where we will have a spectacular view of Torres del Paine. We will then skirt the slopes of Cerro Paine to reach the Aboriginal Waterfall. Here, we will be able to make a small stop, dismount the horses, and approach the waterfall on foot.
Later, we will return via horseback towards the Ascencio Valley. We will see imposing rock walls that flank the valley, as well as Nordenskjöld Lake and Mont. Almirante Nieto. After the valley, we will head towards “Puma Cave Pass,” where, if we’re lucky, we can see traces of the passage of this fantastic animal, the king of the Patagonia.

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Leaving from Pesebrera, we will take a steep trail through the west hillside of Cerro Paine (1,508 meters). Ascending through a forest of Lengas, where we will possibly see birds, the route reaches the tree line and arrives at D’Agostini Viewpoint, providing views from the valley to lakes and the famous granite peaks. This horseback ride provides the opportunity to appreciate the majesty of Torres del Paine National Park in just half a day.

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For those of you who do not have experience riding horses, this excursion is the perfect opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with these beautiful animals and learn basic horseback riding techniques. What’s more is that you get to do in Torres del Paine!
For one hour, our guides and baqueanos will bring you around Hotel Las Torres and to some nearby viewpoints. This activity is especially recommended for kids and families that want to spend time with the horses and enjoy the incredible landscapes of this beautiful place.


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Walk the park’s main trail to a famous viewpoint situated on the shores of Lake Grey, from where you can observe the slender, granite peaks that give the national park its name. The excursion begins in Hotel las Torres, where we will begin a hike through Ascencio Valley, crossing a beautiful forest of Lengas and later arriving to a rocky area (La Morrena), the most difficult section of the trail, and finishing at the spectacular Torres Base Viewpoint.
After a snack and allotted time for photography, we will follow the same trail back to the hotel.

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The Aónikenk, ancestral inhabitants of Patagonia, as well as iconic animal species are the main attractions of this stroll via a trail that crosses part of the Patagonian pampa. We will begin with a 25-minute trip by car to Laguna Amarga Lodge and continue a couple of kilometers south until reaching an area that local guides and park rangers nicknamed “Puma Restaurant,” since it is an area where pumas hunt. From here, we will begin our walk. Along the way, it is possible to see guanaco skeletons left behind by cougars, or perhaps live guanacos, since they enjoy grazing near the trail.
There is also the possibility of finding foxes, condors, and ñandúes. In the middle of the crossing, there is a huge rock formation where you can find ancient Aónikenk paintings. About 7,000 years ago, residents of the region were called Patagones (“big feet”) by the first Spaniards who arrived to the area. They mistakenly thought the Aónikenk were giants due to the size of their footprints. This large sedimentary rock called “conglomerate” has considerable elevation, which allows us to have a wide view of the mountains and surrounding land. The walk continues until the meeting point with our driver at Lago Sarmiento Lodge and then returns to the reserve.

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This is the trekking version of the half-day horseback ride to Cerro Paine. Departing from the hotel, the hike follows a steep path along the western slope of Cerro Paine (1,508 meters), from where we will see the famous Torres Base Trail. During an ascent through a forest of Lengas, where we will maybe see birds, the tour will reach the tree line and arrive to D’Agostini Viewpoint, which looks out towards a valley and the famous granite towers, glaciers, and lakes. This trek will provide visitors with an amazing opportunity to appreciate the majesty of the Torres del Paine National Park in just one day.

Minimum of pax for this excursion: 4

Horseback Riding+ Trekking

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Today’s adventure take us to a viewpoint, situated on the shores of Grey Lake, that allows us to observe the slender peaks of granite that give the park its name, Torres del Paine. Our excursion begins on horseback in Pesebrera and crosses a beautiful forest of Lenga Trees and Ascencio Valley until arriving to the Chileno Refuge, from where we will continue our journey on foot. We will ascend a rocky area for around one hour, after which we will arrive to the spectacular Torres Base Viewpoint.
After a snack and allotted time for photography, we will follow the same trail back to the Chilean Refuge, hop on our horses, and begin our return to the Welcome Center.


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Trekking is not the only way to roam the park. We offer two routes that you can enjoy on two wheels! One of our routes is ideal for individuals who have little experience peddling. The route is mostly flat and will take you to Nordenskjold Lake through a valley where you will have incredible views of Mont. Almirante Nieto and impressive rock walls that were formed naturally.
Our other route is a medium level of difficulty. You will be able to enjoy a classic Patagonian landscape traveling around lakes, crossing rivers, and avoiding some steep slopes and descents. Along the way you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Park with our guides, appreciate beautiful landscapes, and enjoy local wildlife, especially birds.


We give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia by touring part of our reserve on self-guided trails. Check in with our excursion executives at the Welcome Center about which paths you can take

Rock Climbing

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At the base of the iconic Torres del Paine is the “Puma Cave” sector, a large formation of rocks that makes for magnificent rock climbing. The rock walls have both easy and medium levels of difficulty, making it ideal for beginners and experienced climbers.
The activity begins in Hotel las Torres, where a guide will provide you with a complete training, as well as all the necessary climbing equipment. The hike to “Puma Cave” takes approximately 20 minutes.
In total, this excursion lasts for approximately 3 hours, during which you will have a blast climbing the unique routes in Torres del Paine National Park.

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