Horseback Riding

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This famous lake situated at the base of the Paine Massif is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who dedicated himself to the study of Antartica, Greenland, Chile, and Peru.
Leaving from Pesebrera, our excursion follows the famous W Trail, passing the northern shores of the lake and Mount Almirante Nieto. We will cross various rivers and forests, having the opportunity to appreciate various viewpoints and Patagonian flora. In addition, we will
meet our baqueanos and live a unique and authentic experience in Patagonia.

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Through this excursion, we will have the chance to explore some lesser known places in the Cerro Paine Reserve. We will begin on horseback, heading toward Sector Serón, where we will have a spectacular view of Torres del Paine. We will then skirt the slopes of Cerro Paine to reach the Aboriginal Waterfall. Here, we will be able to make a small stop, dismount the horses, and approach the waterfall on foot.
Later, we will return via horseback towards the Ascencio Valley. We will see imposing rock walls that flank the valley, as well as
Nordenskjöld Lake and Mount Almirante Nieto. After the valley, we will head towards “Puma Cave Pass,” where, if we’re lucky, we can see traces of the passage of this fantastic animal, the king of the Patagonia.

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Leaving the hotel, we will take a steep trail through the west hillside of Cerro Paine (1,508 meters). Ascending through a forest of Lengas, where we will possibly see birds, the route reaches the tree line and arrives at D’Agostini Viewpoint, providing views from the valley to lakes and the famous granite peaks. This horseback ride provides the opportunity to appreciate the majesty of Torres del Paine National Park in just half a day.

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Gallop across the pampas and through the lenga forest on this equestrian adventure across the Cerro Paine Reserve. Starting off from our stables, the trip follows the “O” Circuit around the eastern edge of the Paine Massif into the valley of the Paine river. The lenga forest of this area provides a habitat for many birds including Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets and Chilean flickers.
The trail also offers great views of Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon) and Cerro Paine mountain before reaching Serón Campsite in the Valle Encantado where we can find a beautiful daisies during spring. After enjoying our box lunch at Serón, the group returns to the stable via the same route — with a chance to gallop across the open pampas.
-Previous horseback riding experience required.

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For those of you who do not have experience riding horses, this excursion is the perfect opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with these beautiful animals and learn basic horseback riding techniques. What’s more is that you get to do in Torres del Paine!
For one hour, our guides and baqueanos will bring you around Hotel Las Torres and to some nearby viewpoints. This activity is especially recommended for kids and families that want to spend time with the horses and enjoy the incredible landscapes of this beautiful place.
This tour can not be booked in advance and must be confirmed at the Welcome Center the same day of the departure.


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Walk the park’s main trail to a famous viewpoint situated on the shores of Lake Grey, from where you can observe the slender, granite peaks that give the national park its name. The excursion begins in Hotel las Torres, where we will begin a hike through Ascencio Valley, crossing a beautiful forest of Lengas and later arriving to a rocky area (La Morrena), the most difficult section of the trail, and finishing at the spectacular Torres Base Viewpoint.
After a snack and allotted time for photography, we will follow the
same trail back to the hotel.

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This is the trekking version of the half-day horseback ride to
Cerro Paine.
Departing from the hotel, the hike follows a steep path along the western slope of Cerro Paine (1,508 meters), from where we will see the famous Torres Base Trail. During an ascent through a forest of Lengas, where we will maybe see birds, the tour will reach the tree line and arrive to D’Agostini Viewpoint, which looks out towards a valley and the famous granite towers, glaciers, and lakes. This trek will provide visitors with an amazing opportunity to appreciate the majesty of the Torres del Paine National Park in just one day.

Minimum of pax for this excursion: 4
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One of our longest excursion ventures into the famous Valle Francés, in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, and part of the famous “W” Trail. After a 45-minutes drive from the hotel, you will board the catamaran Hielos Patagónicos on the lakeshore near Pudeto Ranger Station. A half-hour cruise across Pehoé Lake brings us to Paine Grande, landing on the other side of the lake and the trailhead for the start of our trek. The first part of the trail is relatively flat (it changes about 300m/980ft), leading along the north side of Lago Skottsberg to the bottom of Valle Francés and Italiano Campsite where we break for water
and snacks. Guests have the option of turning back at Italiano or continuing upwards, deeper into the Valle Francés along a steep trail through lenga woods and then a rocky moonscape above the treeline. Roughly 2.5 km (1,5miles) from Italiano, we reach a viewpoint on the foot of the “Horns” (Los Cuernos), that affords an awesome view of French Glacier coming down from Mount Paine Grande, the Cuernos del Paine peaks rising behind us, and down the valley to the lakes. Altitude change from start to finish is 700-800 meters (2,300-2,600 feet).

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Designed for those interested in learning more about Patagonia’s famous lenga forests, hike follows part of the Paine Circuit trail around the eastern edge of the massif. The final destination is the old-growth lenga forest. One of Patagonia’s iconic trees, Nothofagus pumilio thrives in areas with low temperatures and heavy snow. Lenga woodland provides a habitat for many animals, and during this excursion there is a good chance to spot Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets, Chilean flickers and other forest small birds. Also be on the lookout for pumas, the so-called “Andean Lion” and member of the cat family, who roam this forest. Last but certainly not least, the trail features great views of Laguna Azul and Cerro Paine on the eastern side of the massif. This excursion is great on windy days because the trees block out most of the bluster.

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The ancient Aónikenk people of Patagonia and the Park’s iconic animal species are the main attractions of this ramble along the Park’s southeast corner. The excursion starts with a 25-minute drive close to Laguna Amarga entrance. From there, the trail leads south through an area that local guides and rangers have dubbed the “puma restaurant” because the big cats make so many kills there. You’re chances of seeing them in daytime are fairly slim, but the skeletons of their many guanaco kills are clearly evident along the trail. Herds of guanaco often graze along both sides of the trail, and there is also a chance to spot foxes, condors and flightless rheas. About halfway along the trail, there is a large rock formation with overhangs where the Aónikenk people rendered pictographs (rock paintings). Residents of the region for around 7,000 years, the Aónikenk were called Patagones (Big Feet) by
the early Spanish, who mistakenly thought they were giants. The lofty rock also offers a perch for gazing at the mountains and the
surrounding terrain. The last leg leads us along Lago Sarmiento’s shore observing Thrombolites, lumpy structures created by
microorganisms, then continues on to meet up with our driver at the Lago Sarmiento Lodge. From there it is a 40-minute drive back to the hotel Las Torres.

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The park’s most spectacular waterfall and an astonishing viewpoint are highlights of this relatively easy excursion. The adventure starts with a 45-minute drive to Pudeto in the heart of the park’s lake district. The trail leads us through a portion of the park impacted by the great forest fire of 2011- 12. Between the remains of the fire-ravaged trees, new life is already sprouting from the rich Patagonian soul. The path continues to Sendero Mirador Cuernos. Possibly the Park’s most spectacular viewpoint, the panorama features the “Los Cuernos” (Horns), Mount Paine Grande and the French Valley and Glacier rising straight up from the other side of Lake Nordenskjöld: a breathtaking spectacle of rock and water. From this point we continue the trail to Salto Grande, a raging aquamarine cascade that channels water between lakes Nordenskjöld and Pehoé. The roundtrip hike from car park to viewpoint takes about two hours.
Given the open terrain, high winds are possible during this trek. Those who don’t want to undertake the complete hike can opt for a shorter version that features just the brief hike to Salto Grande waterfall (about 30min rountrip).

Horseback Riding+ Trekking

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Today’s adventure take us to a viewpoint, situated on the shores of Grey Lake, that allows us to observe the slender peaks of granite that give the park its name, Torres del Paine.
Our excursion begins on horseback in Pesebrera (stables) and crosses a beautiful forest of Lenga Trees and Ascencio Valley until arriving to the Chileno refuge, from where we will continue our journey on foot. We will ascend a rocky area for around one hour, after which we will arrive to the spectacular Torres Base Viewpoint.
After a snack and allotted time for photography, we will follow the same trail back to the Chileno refuge, hop on our horses, and begin our return to the Welcome Center.

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This combined horseback and hiking excursion culminates in one of the National Park’s most striking viewpoints — over the 1,508 meter (5,000-foot) summit of Cerro Paine. The first section is undertaken on the saddle along a scenic forest section of the Ascencio Valley. This trail heads up on Agostini’s route where he took a famous picture in the 40’s. Leaving the horses behind, the group passes the treeline and hikes upwards to Cerro Paine’s windy summit. The view is truly astounding: the three towers rising in the west, the Paine river Valley and Laguna Azul in the east, lakes Nordenskjöld and Sarmiento in the south. A panorama that includes granite peaks, glaciers, lakes, forest and patagonian pampas in a single glimpse as you slowly twirl around. After a snack at the summit, we return via the same route to meet our horses and comeback to the stable.

Reserva Cerro Paine Exclusives

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Visit the world’s southernmost, as well as one of the region’s
oldest organic kitchen gardens at Reserva Cerro Paine.
Within less than half a hectare, it produces seasonal fruits and vegetables using bio-intensive, sustainable methods that produce favorable quantities.
Our garden has developed immensely since its origin in the early 1950s. With this history in mind, we aim to strike a balance between conserving old fashioned, heirloom varieties and meeting production goals. We have nine types of fruits and more than twenty-five types of vegetables, along with an evergrowing group of culinary and medicinal herbs.
Visitors have one or two hours in the garden, during which they can stimulate their senses, sample fresh goods, and learn the history of the world’s southernmost organic garden. In addition, visitors can help out with some daily harvesting tasks, such as planting and weeding. Extra hands are always welcome!

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Learn the Patagonian cowboy way by spending a morning with the baqueanos, who lead the Hotel Las Torres horseback ridings and look after the horses and stables of Estancia Cerro Paine.
During your time with these local vaqueros — the descendants of horsemen who came to work ranches in this remote region more than a century ago — you will learn about their special clothing, their saddles and other horse tack, and get a chance to share a mate (an herbal tea made from yerba mate leaves).
Also, you can enjoy a typical breakfast made of “sopaipillas” (type of bread) with “pebre” (Chilean condiment) while chatting about the Patagonian culture. The baqueanos also demonstrate how to properly saddle a horse, nail a horseshoe and of course how to ride. If you already have riding experience you become one of them and go looking for the “tropilla” (horse herd); an incredible feeling of wilderness and adventure. By the end of this cowboy journey, you will have a much better understanding of what it was like to live and work in this remote corner of South American before the arrival of tourism.

Navigation & Others

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This excursion is known for giving visitors a comprehensive introduction to Torres del Paine National Park in just one day. The part of the trip leading up to the heart of the park includes stops in the most important viewpoints, short hikes to must-see sites, as well as the possibility of sailing to see the incredible Grey Glacier.
The attractions of this excursion include Black Bridge, Nordenskjöld Lake, Sarmiento Viewpoint, Pehoé Lake, Salto Grande and others.
After enjoying an exquisite picnic, you will have the opportunity to walk along the shores of Grey Lake to places with small icebergs that have fallen off the glacier, which descends from the Southern Ice Field. Later, we will sail in a catamaran around the lake, which lasts for approximately three hours and will bring you close to the glacier. This excursion, without a doubt, is the best way to gain a complete introduction of the park and its history in one day.

  • Full Paine + Lago Grey includes navigation made by an external company and requires prior reservation (without modification of date) becaise tthe boat has limited places. Modifications are subject to the reservation policies of the company “Lago Grey”. Read more in our “Policies of Modification and Cancellation of Excursions”.
  • Navigation requires a minimum of 15 pax during September to October and
    March to April.
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This excursion is a great option for individuals who wish to observe and photograph Torres del Pain without having to walk for 8 hours to the Torres Base. In addition, it is an excellent introduction to the history of the park. The adventure begins with a trip in van to the eastern part of the park until reaching the shores of Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon). From here, we will begin a 30 minute walk that combines sightings of beautiful birds and spectacular views of Torres del Paine. The fauna is abundant in this area, where we will see mostly guanacos, birds of prey, condors, and aquatic birds. The views provide us with a perspective of Torres that is much different than other sectors of the park.
The history of this area is another point of interest. Laguna Azul is the place where Lady Florence Dixie, the intrepid British traveler and writer from the Victorian era, saw Torres del Paine for the first time. She is considered the first tourist of the park.
In her 1880 book “Across Patagonia,” she referred to the lake as “The Needles of Cleopatra” due to the resemblance of the granite mountains to the obelisks of ancient Egypt. During the excursion, we will also visit the Paine Waterfall, one of the three waterfalls of the Paine River.

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